Ursula Fradera

Bodenheim, Germany

Ursula Fradera


Ursula Fradera is a registered dietitian/nutritionist and works for the Deutsche Weinakademie (DWA), where she is responsible for scientific affairs, the organization of seminars for health and wine professionals, media relations, the maintenance of a scientific database on wine, health and social aspects and the implementation of the Wine in Moderation (WiM) program at national level. This national implementation focuses on teaching wine professionals about various aspects of responsible drinking patterns, responsible advertising, wine-related legislation, etc.

Her position serves as an interface between science, policy makers and the wine sector.

She also attends international conferences and meetings as a speaker.

Previously, she was in charge of implementing public health nutrition programmes in Vancouver, Canada and was a lecturer in Human Nutrition at the University of B.C., Canada.

In the Wine in Moderation Association (WiM), Ursula is the scientific coordinator of the Wine Information Council, a network of independent, international scientists.

At the OIV (Organisation de la Vigne et du Vin, Paris, France), she serves as expert for the Commission IV “Safety and Health”.


- Deutsche Weinakademie
- Wine Information Council
- Wine in Moderation
- Member of 'Lifestyle, Diet, Wine & Health' Scientific Committee
- Chair of 'Lifestyle, Diet, Wine & Health' roundtable session 'Gastronomy: The marriage of eating and wine'

Area of expertise

- Diet & nutrition
- Wine & health
- Education